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Honey Apis Melifera Pink Pepper

Pimienta Rosada

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  • Honey: Apis Melifera
    Genre: Schinus
    Species: S. terebinthifolius

    Pink pepper or pink berry comes from Reunion Island. Pink pepper was known in the 17th century under the name "Bourbon pepper" because it was grown on the island of Reunion called "île des Bourbons" ("island of the Bourbons"). These berries, fruits of Schinus terebinthifolia and native to Madagascar, have sweet and slightly spicy flavors. It is the Malagasy women who select them with their expert hands. Only the red and ripe berries are chosen, for their aromatic strength. The pink berries are also cultivated on Reunion Island, in Peru, in New Caledonia, in South Africa or in Brazil. Crushed or whole, these berries, with their resinous aroma, go very well with salmon, foie gras, carrot soup or zucchini tagliatelle. Uses: Pink pepper has numerous applications. These Berries are ideal for adding a flavor note to all kinds of salads, soups, sauces, meats and fish; and they also combine wonderfully with shellfish, rice, pasta, vegetables and garnishes

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