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Guayabita Pepper

Pimienta Gorda Guayabita - Beans (Tube)

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  • Genre: Pepper
    Species: Pimenta Dioica

    Tabasco pepper, allspice, guayabita pepper, sweet pepper, sweet pepper, English pepper, is a spice from the tree named Pimenta dioica. This tree has its origin in the south of Mexico and Guatemala, as well as in Cuba and Jamaica that flowers in the months of April to May. Its dried fruits are used as a seasoning in various dishes and can easily be combined with other spices. Its taste and smell is similar to that of cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and nutmeg; for this reason in English it is called "allspice" due to this combination. Unlike pepper itself, it does not contain piperine, which is why it does not have its characteristic spicy flavor.

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