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Apis Melifera Ground Papantla's Vanilla Honey

Papantla's Vanilla Molida

  • Honey: Apis Melifera
    Genre: Vanilla
    Species: Vanilla Planifolia

    Vanilla, the fruit of a species of orchid (Vanilla planifolia), has its origin in the area of ​​Papantla, Veracruz, where it has been cultivated since pre-Hispanic times. The pod as such, protects the extracts and derivatives of the pods of the same species, among which are: the natural extract, the concentrated natural extract, the oleoresins, powdered and ground. Liquid vanilla is obtained by processing these pods and during this process a certain percentage of alcohol is released which helps to preserve it. The ground vanilla arises from the dehydration of the pods and the grinding of these, as additional information, to obtain a kilo of processed vanilla, five kilos of green pods are needed, which is why it acquires a high value in the market. the main uses of these inputs are mostly for the confectionery industry.

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